Our Approach

A component of the exclusivity and differentiated experience of ARGAN Bedaya lies in our ability to define a tailored program of activities and interventions that stimulate, nurture, and hone the capabilities of our members regardless of their age, capability or interest. At the heart of this tailored program lies a comprehensive understanding of our members.  

ARGAN Bedaya understands that children, youth and parents define and measure aptitude, success, and progress in different ways. Similarly, ARGAN Bedaya recognises that many factors contribute to a child’s/youth’s development, and often how the stimulation and development of an apparently unrelated factor positively impacts another. 

ARGAN Bedaya’s Pathfinder tool uses a range of activities, including written, verbal, and observational techniques, to gain a quantitative and qualitative understanding of the child or youth. The holistic nature of this diagnostic places no single emphasis on one characteristic but establishes a profile of the child/youth that informs, through working closely with the child/youth and parent, a program of activities that is tailored to developing that child/youth further.

Naturally that program is fully aligned to the activities and courses that are offered at ARGAN Bedaya community.