Early Childhood Development Center

Who we are

ARGAN Bedaya Early Childhood (ABECC) was founded in 2022. We are a purpose built, Montessori inspired center located in Sabah Al Salem, Kuwait serving children ages 18 months to 5 years.

ABECC was born from a vision that every child is an individual and will learn in their own unique way and from a concept of innovation, curiosity, and discovery; empowering children and families to develop a love of lifelong learning.


Our programs and practices are based on the philosophy and pedagogy of Maria Montessori, a pioneer and investigator of child development. Working early in the twentieth century, Dr. Montessori recognized the importance of each child’s early experiences to the development of a healthy, responsible adult. She believed that the potential within each child must be carefully nurtured by caring adults. By working collaboratively, parents and teachers can create rich, exciting, and engaging teaching/learning environments in which each child can develop a positive self-image, positive dispositions to learning, friendships and social competencies, autonomy, and physical, social, and cognitive competencies in all areas. 

Montessori’s approach to education aims to develop each child’s full range of abilities and talents while simultaneously celebrating his or her uniqueness and cultural background. The goal of Montessori education is the development of autonomous and competent, caring and empathetic, responsive and responsible, adaptive citizens—lifelong learners and creative problem solvers. Respect, competency, self-initiative, responsibility, self-management, and the ability to view experiences from different perspectives are highly valued.


ARGAN Bedaya Early Childhood Center provides opportunities and experiences for children, using specialized Montessori equipment, materials, and resources for individual children to learn and develop to their full potential. 

Our Montessori curriculum allows children to learn through a play-based curriculum allowing them the opportunity to practice skills, try out new ideas, new challenges and have a deeper understanding of how the world around them works. It builds social skills and friendships through negotiation, empathy, and communication.

We value each child for their uniqueness and have developed our programs to meet each child’s individual needs and interests.

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”  Maria Montessori


Application form to ABECC is available at the reception or through this online form.  The admission process is open all year long.


Our Early Childhood Center operates from 7:30am till 3:30pm

Standard Session: 8:00am till 12:30pm (Drop off 7:30-7:50am, Pick up 12:30- 1:00pm)

Extended Program: 8:00am till 3:00pm (Drop off 7:30-7:50am, Pick up 3:00- 3:20pm)

Extended Program: 8:00am till 3:00pm (Drop off 7:30-7:50am, Pick up 3:00- 3:20pm).

Explore ARGAN Bedaya Early Childhood Center and book your tour with one of our team members!

Tel: +965 2226 3236

WhatsApp: +965 9716 2282

Email: EY-admin@arganbedaya.com

Block 1, Street 107 in Sabah Al-Salem, Kuwait