About Us

About Argan Bedaya

ARGAN Bedaya is a purpose-built community, with a holistic and expert approach to real-world, multi-generational learning.

From international academies to a Montessori-inspired child development center, ARGAN Bedaya offers personalized programs in sports, music, performing & culinary arts, design & technology, STEM, and supplementary & continuous education for people of all ages.

A word from the chair

If you were to reflect on your childhood, I am positive you could think of a multitude of opportunities you wished you had; activities you could’ve excelled or failed at; glass ceilings you could’ve broken. Today, there is most likely a bucket list of items you wish you could experience, perhaps re-living those missed childhood moments. 

If only you had a place to create these intellectual and physical adventures such as learning how to watercolor, experiment with metal work, play a musical instrument, dance, dribble a basketball, bake a cake, design a robot, build a birdhouse or a piece of furniture?

Imagine yourself in a safe non-judgmental destination that can fulfill all those missed childhood opportunities, while simultaneously providing a vibrant, integrated, experimental, tailored experience for your own children.  

ARGAN Bedaya is an inclusive community that welcomes everyone ages 0 to 99+.  Our conceptual design and purpose-built architecture allows for an array of experiences and opportunities.  These include but are not limited to comprehensive programs in Music, Sports, Performing Arts, STEM, Design & Technology, Culinary, and Supplementary learning.  Additionally, ARGAN Bedaya houses a Montessori-inspired center for young children and a family entertainment center. 

We look forward to welcoming you at ARGAN Bedaya, where all possibilities begin! 

Dr. Duna Al Mashaan

Executive Chair